August 13, 2016

Twitch Adds Clips Manager

Twitch Clips Manager

A few months ago, Twitch introduced Clips, a method of capturing 30 second livestream moments to be shared and replayed. Yesterday, they added My Clips, a clips manager page. With My Clips, you can view all the clips you’ve ever made to easily re-share them. There’s also a tab for viewing all the Twitch Clips made from your stream. “Clips from your channel” tracks who made the clip, when it was made, what game was played, and how many views it received. As a streamer, this is especially helpful for sharing the best moments from your stream across your social media, to promote your channel and encourage people to check you out. Additionally, you can download these clips and upload them to your YouTube channel, further exposing your best content.

You can visit Twitch My Clips at At the moment, there doesn’t appear to be a navigational link on Twitch anywhere, so you’ll have to bookmark this page to revisit it.

For the full post, check out the Twitch blog.

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