August 16, 2016

Twitch Acquires Curse

Twitch Acquires Curse

More shakeups are happening in the video game streaming industry. The Amazon-owned Twitch has acquired Curse, one of the largest gaming communication and information platforms. From the Twitch blog:

 This acquisition will help provide gamers with the tools and resources they need to achieve the ultimate gaming experience, a mission shared by both Twitch and Curse. Together Curse and Twitch will help gamers connect, interact, and share information with one another.


  • Many people are already concerned about the future of Discord with Twitch streamers. Since Curse Voice is a direct competitor to the popular gaming text/voice channel software, it is possible Twitch will push Curse Voice upon large streamers or even all Twitch Partners.
  • Curse has a large gaming ad-serving network, which can be tapped into to further increase Twitch’s revenue.
  • Curse also has a YouTube MCN (Multi-channel network), so the acquisition could potentially allow for Twitch Partners to seek partnership on YouTube as well.

With Curse being a diversified collection of websites and services, there’s no telling what the acquisition could bring to Twitch’s platform. Maybe we’ll find out at PAX West or TwitchCon. It can be expected that this is just the beginning of new features, integrations, and changes for Twitch.

For more information, check out statements from the Twitch blog. Discuss this in our StreamerSquare Discord.

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