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Death Counter and Soundboard (DCSB) allows you to keep a clean and easy-to-manage counter for streams where you’re tracking important data. This can be anything from counting how many times you’ve died in a play through, to how many Animal Crossing island’s you’ve visited so far – DCSB makes this process easy.

With integration into OBS and a multi-functional soundboard to boot, you’re going to want to give this program a try. StreamerSquare wants to make it easy for you to try something new, so here is our full setup and usage guide.

Tutorial for v4.0.0.9:


  1. Download the newest version.
  2. Choose the directory where the application will be installed.
  3. Run the installation.

Pro-Tip: You can uninstall the application by running the Uninstall.exe or using Uninstall a program in Control panel.

Creating Counters:

List of counters is located on the left side. You can have multiple counters. To add a counter press the ADD button at the bottom left of the application that looks like this

  • The program will ask you to name the counter and then determine the location of the .txt file for your counter.
  • You can use existing file, or you can create a new one.
    1. Create a new file by opening your computer’s file directory like Finder on iOS or File Explorer on Windows.
    2. Right click the empty space in the finder > scroll to New > Select Text Document>Text document and fill its name.

PRO-TIP: To remove counter select it and press the REMOVE button at the bottom of the list. You can also right click your counter to Edit or Remove it.

  • You control only the selected counter by pressing the +/- buttons at the bottom of the list.
  • Counters can be controlled by pressing keyboard keys even when the program is not focused or is minimized. Use the * button on your keyboard or number pad to select the counter that you want to control and increment/decrement it by pressing +/- keys on the numerical keyboard.

Pro-Tip: Keys for controlling your counters can be changed in Settings>Keyboard. Press the […] button for the aspect you would like to change, then press the key on your keyboard that you would prefer to assign.

You can also use key combinations to prevent any mistakes. In example, let’s say that you want to use Shift and * to cycle through counters – you have to press the Shift key, hold it down and then press * and release it.

Utilizing Sounds:

The list of sounds is located on the right side, you can have multiple sounds to play. To add a sound to your board, press the ADD button at the bottom left of the application that looks like this

  • The program will ask for the sound’s name, location of the sound file and what keyboard bind you would like to use when playing the sound.
  • You can play selected sound by pressing the PLAY button on the bottom of the list and you can stop playing sound by pressing the PAUSE button.

Pro-Tip: When selecting a sound file, you can select a single one or multiple ones. When you select multiple files, the program will randomly play one of the available files every time you press the assigned key.

  • Playing sound is possible by pressing the assigned key even when the program is not focused or is minimized. You can play only one sound at a time.
  • Volume control is located above list of sounds. Click on the button and drag it to left to decrease the volume or to right to increase the volume.

Other Interesting Features:

  • You can resize the window and move splitter between lists by clicking and dragging these features. By moving the splitter all the way to side you can hide counters or sounds, but they will still work. You can resize columns of lists.
  • In Settings > Other > Disable you can disable counters and/or sounds and minimize the program to your tray.

Integration With OBS:

  • Right click Sources>Add>Text, enter name and check option “Use Text From File”, click browse and find txt file that is attached to counter in my program.

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    A very nice tutorial indeed! Thanks!

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    This is fantastic! Exactly what I was looking for. The only other 2 similar programs I found was 1 autohotkey script that had a bad bug in it, and a different program that seemed to be limited to only teamspeak, and also required some other paid software to work I think.

    Anyways, Thank you for this!!

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