February 16, 2016

TNotifier Closing: Team Changes Focus to New “Unique and Interesting” Project

Oyed, TNotifier’s lead developer, has decided to pull the plug on his popular notification and stream management platform. TNotifier will continue to run, without support, until March 20th, giving users some time to make the switch to another program. This announcement comes as no surprise to some streamers, who have had issues with the service and a lack of updates from the development team.


In the forum post, Oyed discusses his decision in shutting down the project, listing inefficient use of his and his team’s time, and TNotifier being outdated compared to its competitors. He goes on to tease at a new project “targeting streamers”, but gives no hint at a timeline for release or expected content.

Find the full article here: http://forum.tnotifier.net/d/51-tnotifier-closure

Follow Oyed here for updates on his future project: https://twitter.com/OyedGames

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