Streamlabs Updates Dashboard, Adds Analytics

Streamlabs New Dashboard Enhanced Analytics

Streamlabs updated their dashboard today to make it more useful for streamers. As they mention in the update, streamers generally used the “Recent Events” panel more so they made it more prominent on the dashboard. There is some at-a-glance data you can refer to but if you want to dig into more stats, Streamlabs improved how their data is sorted and moved it to it’s own page. All the data is separated based on stream so you can see your recent streams and how all your data looks throughout. You can see how your viewership fluctuates as the stream goes on as well as the distribution of followers and subs throughout your stream. Twitch recently updated their stats page to include better viewership tracking but the rest of this information isn’t there.

The other thing that isn’t on the Twitch stats page is anything comparable to Streamlabs new analytics. Streamlabs breaks down your data per game played and per day streamed. If you find yourself playing a few different games, you can look at some hard data on your performance. You can see which games give you the highest average viewership as well as see the bits, subs, followers, and tips via Streamlabs for each game or day. If you’re struggling to find your focus on Twitch or even need some data to back up a schedule you’re planning, hard data can say a lot for you. Streamlabs makes a point to say that Mixer and YouTube wont be getting this new dashboard just yet but it’s the “next item on the list”.

While I’m disappointed to see that Twitch doesn’t have these kinds of analytics, I’m happy that someone is on point with it. If you’re a number cruncher, these stats are important. Even something as simple as when in your stream you peak and figuring out how to capitalize on that is useful for everyone to take a look at from time to time.

Streamlabs closed the post with an update on Guilds and their plans for the next few months. They’re adding more tools for Guilds like a calendar and better discoverability. Admittedly, I haven’t looked into guilds too much but their success stories make streamer guilds sound very appealing. Streamlabs is committed to releasing a major feature every month for the rest of the year so we’ll see what Streamlabs release next month in their next update.

For more information, check out the full Streamlabs blog post.

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