May 16, 2017

Streamlabs Introduces Streamer Guilds

Streamlabs Introduces Streamer Guilds

One of the biggest problems that plagues new or smaller streamers is exposure. It’s hard to get noticed and even harder to bring a constant flow of viewers into your channel, despite how hard you work on it. It can honestly tear down even the strongest of streamers. Streamlabs wants to help aid that issue with Streamer Guilds.

Streamer Guilds allows streamers who share the same ideology to band together and help each other improve their streams. They can share their knowledge with one another and help to forge a stronger bond between some streamers that maybe never would’ve met. Streamers that have stronger followings can even mentor others to help identify why growth hasn’t started or has halted where it is. On the fly technical support can be administered between members of the group to solve daunting streaming problems and help them learn as a whole.

You are free to create or apply to join a guild, but you can only be apart of one guild at a time. Streamlabs provides a ton of tools to help you create and mold your guild to what you want to accomplish. Best of all, if you’re in the All-Star program that Stream Labs offers, you can even add membership fees to make the guild exclusive. All fees go towards supporting the streamer that created the guild.

Each Guild gets a private, invite-only Discord so all Guild stuff stays in one area. The Discord is created automatically so you won’t have to manage it. Even when someone joins or leaves, it automatically updates all members. It takes a big chunk of managing out of your hands, which leaves you more time to lead your guild to success!

Check out the Streamlabs blog for the full scoop.

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