November 9, 2016

Streamlabs Adds YouTube Support

Streamlabs YouTube Support

Streamlabs has finally added support for YouTube in their most current update. If you’ve ever used Streamlabs before, the system works exactly like its used for Twitch. When you try to log into Streamlabs now, there’s a “Connect with YouTube” button and from there, everything is the same. Streamlabs for YouTube supports all the native Streamlabs Youtube LoginYouTube and YouTube Gaming features like Subscribers, Fan Funding Events for tips, and Sponsors for partnered YouTube Gaming broadcasters. Like before, Streamlabs still supports their own tip system independent of YouTube if that’s still your thing.

Each of the individual widgets, if they’re currently supported, work how they would for Twitch. The regular alert and event list are the main things that are currently supported for YouTube. The editors work the same way for YouTube and Twitch so if you haven’t tried Streamlabs before and want a refresher, we’ve got some help for you. It’s at this point that I should let you know that if you previously or currently use Streamlabs for Twitch, the YouTube version of the account is completely different. This means your donations lists and goals, alert history, and uploaded media aren’t shared in any way. I would imagine that you might only use one or the other so it’s not that big of a factor but for the non-partnered among us, this could have been a bit of a time-saver.


This brings us to the supported widgets. Alerts and Event List work with the native YouTube data, Donation Goal and Donation Ticker both work with tips processed through Streamlabs but not Fan Funding, unfortunately. The Chat Box isn’t currently supported and neither are Stream Labels even just for donation info. I’m sure this will be added in the future.

Apart from that, there isn’t anything crazy. If you use Streamlabs for Twitch, this shouldn’t mess you up in any way but if you’re a broadcaster on YouTube, this is a great update. As a person casually following YouTube Gaming, I distinctly remember there not being an easy way to display regular subscriber notifications and I have no idea how sponsor notifications worked previously, but now, you can have a reliable system with your stream.

Source: Streamlabs blog

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