May 11, 2016

StreamJar Integrates with Discord and Updates On Screen Chat

StreamJar has just released an update that is aimed to make it the choice for streamers. Available on Twitch, Hitbox, and Beam, StreamJar is a wonderful tool that provides alerts, stream management tools, and UI attachments to help make streaming easier.

Discord Integration

If you are a Beam streamer, you can now setup roles for your followers and subscribers in your Discord server and have them automatically sync. If a viewer subscribes to a streamer, they no longer have to manually give them the subscriber role. The user will automatically have the Sub role and gain access to the subscriber perks! It makes it a lot easier for streamers and takes a lot of work off their plates!

On Screen Chat UI Updated

One of the tools StreamJar gives you is the ability to display the chat from your channel on stream, allowing full screen users and VODs viewers alike to read chat while still being able to watch the video. StreamJar has updated the look and feel of the chat elements for this feature, allowing users more options and further customization.

Donations are no more!

When you hear the word “Donation” what comes to mind first? More often than not it is associated with charities or non-profit organizations. Streamers aren’t someone working for a non-profit,  so StreamJar has changed all of that. Instead of a “Donation” page, they have changed the page to a “Tip” page, reflected according with the links and profiles. This hasn’t changed any the process of tipping, just a change of name.

Happy Streaming!