April 14, 2018

StreamElements Reveals DreamTeam Partnership Program

StreamElements Dream Team

StreamElements looks to make a splash in the streaming world by adding a new partnership program they are calling DreamTeam. Gaining popularity from their YouTube series Twitch Moments, StreamElements is a program that handles stream alerts, applications to enhance your stream, and overlay effects. It is a direct competitor to services like StreamLabs and TipeeeStream but has been gaining ground lately due to major streamers switching to the platform.

The DreamTeam offers many benefits to those applying. These include

  • Swag – Every partner will receive a StreamElements hoodie with their name on it, along with a StreamElements mug to help with your coffee breaks.
  • Design Package – everything from your stream design to your emotes can be designed by StreamElements artists.
  • Exclusive Discord – The Discord will offer one-on-one support, immediately staff response, and an insider into new features and the future of the platform.
  • Personal Manager – An account manager to handle all things related to your StreamElements account. Anything you need, they are here.
  • Exclusive Campaigns – Any exclusive Sponsorships or campaigns that are running with StreamElements will be available for the DreamTeam.
  • Spotlight – Your stream will be a spotlight on StreamElements.
  • Exclusive Gear and Giveaways – DreamTeam members will be supplied with gear to use along with some to giveaway down the line.
  • Access to the Beta – Access to new features first and help with shaping the future of the program.

StreamElements Dream Team Apply


Wanna be a part of this awesome program? The requirements are steep but are there to make sure that the team stays exclusive. These include:

  • 20,000 followers on Twitch or 20,000 Subscribers on YouTube
  • Lead a positive community
  • Use of StreamElements Exclusively
  • Stream at least Twice a Week

Those looking to apply can apply here.

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