August 28, 2017

Stream for Hurricane Harvey Relief

Hurricane Harvey Fundraising

With tens of thousands of people forced to leave their homes in Texas in the face of catastrophic flooding from Hurricane Harvey, and hundreds of thousands requiring aid, the streaming community is gathering together to help raise money for aid and relief efforts. If you are a streamer looking to help, here are a few causes you can join alongside your community to help.

Tiltify – Create Your Own Campaign

Setting up your own Tiltify charity campaign is extremely easy, allowing you to create a goal and incentives for people to donate. Best of all, with Tiltify, you can set up alerts and overlays to showcase your campaign. If you’re interested in starting your own campaign, charities such as American Red Cross, Direct Relief, and Save the Children are ideal choices to contribute towards Hurricane Harvey relief.


TwitchCharity, the official Twitch charity team, has four different campaigns on Tiltify benefiting Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Anyone can create and run their own campaign within these listings or simply donate directly to the cause.

TwitchCharity Harvey Campaigns

Stream Texas

Stream Texas, the home of streamer community meetups across all of Texas has also created a Tiltify campaign that anyone can sign up to and begin raising money via their own stream.Stream Texas Harvey Relief

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