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Frostkeep Studios Introduces Rend Partner Program

Rend Partner Program

Frostkeep Studios, based out of Irvine, CA, recently launched their first game. Rend, which launched into early access on July 31st, is currently looking for content creators to join their newly-created partner program.

What is Rend?

Rend is a fresh take on the survival-crafting genre that combines faction-based warfare with epic fantasy adventure. Players join one of three factions and work together to unlock the secrets of their world, build a stronghold, defend against the spirit realm, and gather souls. The first faction to collect 100,000 souls ascends to Valhalla and wins, resetting the server.

Partner Qualifications and Benefits

Frostkeep is looking for broadcasters who are actively producing and publishing new content on a set, consistent schedule. Partners must also be engaging and reputable. Being able to uphold standards set by both the gaming communities and the platforms they broadcast on is important.

Once accepted into the Partner Program, partners can expect a number of benefits including:

  • Advance access
  • Giveaway codes
  • Exclusive partner swag
  • Social media promotion
  • Direct developer contact
  • Special partner opportunities

It should be noted that because the program is so new, this list is not all-inclusive. Evan Berman, Frostkeep’s Community Lead, had this to say about the program: “We have been kicking around a lot of cool and exclusive opportunities, both in-game and out, for our Rend Partners. Still a little early to share specifics but we trust that our dedicated content creators will be pleased.

About Frostkeep

Frostkeep’s founders are three veteran game developers who met while working together on the original World of Warcraft. While Rend is the first game the studio is launching, they have over 75 collective years of experience making games.  You can find out more about the founders and their previous experience on their about page.

Looking to apply to the Rend Partner Program? Head on over to their application page to apply now!

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