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Pretzel Launches Premium Subscription

Pretzel Launches Premium Subscription

After weeks of incremental updates and catalog additions, Pretzel is officially launching their Premium subscription option. As Pretzel puts it in their blog post, Premium gets you a custom “What’s Playing” URL, audio quality options, eligibility for Pretzel promotional campaigns, Early Access to the mobile beta, priority support, and 70% of your sub goes to the musicians. You might not see much usage out of some of these options, like priority support, but audio quality could be very usable. Free users have “Standard” quality so if you want better sounding music or have certain bandwidth restrictions, both options are available as a Premium user.

The biggest question mark for me is “Eligible for Pretzel promotional campaigns & material.” A previous blog post detailed that this just means your “What’s Playing” page might show up on the Pretzel website. This is fine for right now and might account for a little bit of visibility for you as a streamer but I’m very curious what this will mean in the future. Other services that offer access to promotional campaigns are usually more generalized so I’m interested in seeing what a dedicated music app will have to offer.

Pretzel Premium

Pretzel’s Premium subscription is available for $119.99 per year with a $34.99 quarterly and $12.99 monthly option. If this feature set doesn’t make the cut for you, Pretzel plans on adding more features in the future but you can still use the core Pretzel features for free. For more info on Pretzel, you can check out our previous article.

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