April 19, 2018

Mixer Expands Creative, Music, IRL Categories

Mixer Creative Music IRL Categories


Streaming for some time has been largely associated with video games. There are those that use streaming as an outlet for their creative sides though. They love performing for an audience or love to stream to inform or teach a skill. Mixer has recognized this and is introducing Creative, Music, and other categories to the website.

Bob Ross

Creative streamers are those that showcase skills for the delight of an audience. This includes painting, cooking, coding, and so much more. Want to showcase your game and get the opinions of others while you work on it live? Want to read to your audience, engaging them in your love of a favorite story or just have story time every so often? Have an artistic side and can make realistic drawings? This category is for you!

Music Streaming

Along with Creative, Mixer has separated Music as its own separate category. So if you play an instrument, love to remix or compose songs, can bring the party with your DJing, or are an amazing singer, this is the category for you!

Mixer Team

There are also categories for your IRL streamers that showcase their everyday living, Web shows or Podcasts that serve as live discussions, or your Other category when nothing else fits. So now you can always find the category that you want to stream in. Get out there and start streaming!

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