[Introduction] A New Writer Steps Into the Square…

Hello there! My name’s Michael AKA Kiratze and I’m excited to be a new writer for StreamerSquare. I’ve written for multiple websites including Magic: The Gathering websites, and Video Game journalism websites and hope to transfer that experience to bring you readers some helpful information to break out in Twitch!

Let me introduce myself though so you know a little more about me 🙂

If you frequently visit some of the Cohhilition members on Twitch such as CohhCarnage, Lowco2525, ChriZZZzzzz, etc you may have seen me in chat, whether it’s just popping in for a hello, or conversing with others.

That being said, it didn’t used to be liked that. I’ve used Twitch for years before becoming a chatter but I only watched League of Legends streams and Magic: The Gathering streams. The chat’s never intrigued me though since the larger channels always seemed to toxic. One day, I came across CohhCarnage’s stream and everything changed! Here was a chat, and more importantly a community, that really was not like many other channels I’ve experienced and I felt compelled to say “Hello”. Cohh noticed me and having that one small interaction made me want to become more involved. Not to mention many others welcoming me with open arms into the channel 🙂

From that day on I got really involved in Twitch. No longer was I just a lurker, I was a chatter and enjoy just talking to amazing people while watching some amazing streams 🙂

After about a month or two of watching CohhCarnage, I wanted to re-visit streaming myself. I tried long ago but never got over that beginner’s “Hump” that most of us have experienced. I got stuck at around 23 followers and never went back but seeing Cohh and how he handled his channel’s success inspired me to start trying again. Once Cohh started Sub Sundays it took off and because I was interactive in chat, people noticed me more and came to check me out after Sub Sundays, with many of them staying! After that Lowco2525, who was one of Cohh’s mods, took the plunge into streaming and I ended up following her when she first started out. Seeing her channel’s growth furthered my inspiration to stream more and become more serious with it. Then from Sub Sundays I’ve seen so many awesome streams, from both newer channels, and larger ones.

And now we’re here :). From the time of writing this I’ve just recently passed 500 followers and have been streaming part-time since June 10/2014. I feel confident I’ve gotten over that early hump so looking forward to helping others do the same!

I could go on longer but I’ll leave you all with the short version. Hopefully my experiences can help bring some helpful points to my articles to further their purpose and that is to help you readers refine your stream so it can be what you want it to be!

Excited to be writing for this website and big thanks to Lowco2525 for the invite!



Writer for Streamersquare.com


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