May 13, 2015

Get Design Work Done for $5 with Fiverr!

Heya folks! If you’re in-need of any graphics work for your channel, web site, logo design, overlays, etc, check out Fiverr! I’ve personally used this service for about 6 months for multiple projects and have been happy with all of them.

It’s a site that you can order “gigs” that start at $5 USD. Yes, $5. The artists then have optional extras to that base price. For example you could get just overlay, or the layered source graphic (Photoshop format), social media banners, an offline graphic, an away graphic, and so on. Every artist has their own extras and pricing for each. They also have a tip option that I actually use quite often when I’m happy with the work.

What I typically do when I need a logo for a new project and want to try a new artist that I haven’t worked with in the past, is simply to start with a $5 gig. If I’m generally happy with it I go back and order a couple revisions and definitely the source graphic so I can manipulate it in Photoshop if needed. There are artists on Fiverr that specifically advertise Twitch overlays (search for “twitch” on Fiverr) so they’re familiar with the design aspects of overlays.

When you’re looking for design work, always look at the artist’s profile to be sure they fit the “look” you’re going for. Some specialize in specific styles like modern, retro, grungy, cartoon illustration, etc. With any luck you’ll find an artist that you can keep going back to for more work when you need it. I’m a huge fan of Fiverr since I’m a web developer and certainly no graphic artist, although I can make one bad-ass stick figure standing on a box.

Remember that the look of your channel does mean a lot. It helps show your viewers you’re taking your channel seriously, shows Twitch you do when applying for partner, and builds your brand.

Full disclosure: StreamerSquare’s affiliate link is All income goes directly to assist with website maintenance costs, support staff members and writers, host awesome giveaways, and continue to bring you the best content ever. I’d be writing this article even if they didn’t offer an affiliate link. 🙂

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