March 17, 2016

GameWisp Publishes API

Yesterday, GameWisp published the API to their platform, allowing developers to integrate GameWisp with other systems such as bots, alert systems, and more. This is great news for streamers using GameWisp, as it’ll expand what the service can do for your channel. The popular subscription tier system geared towards streamers has alert integration with sites like TwitchAlerts and SteamPro already. Some streaming services that have announced they will be using GameWisp’s API to integrate with it include DeepBot, BraneBot, StreamJar, StreamPerk, Muxy, Oryyx, and Forge Sub Whitelist.

What kind of things can you do with GameWisp integration?

  • Create an alert that appears on stream with someone subs on GameWisp
  • Give bonus stream currency to new subs
  • Have your bot announce in chat whenever someone subscribes
  • Create private community hubs for subscribers
  • Allow subs to easily be whitelisted to your private game servers

If you’re looking to do more with GameWisp, check out the listed services. For more information about their API, visit the official GameWisp blog.

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