May 26, 2017

GameWisp Improves Cash-Out System

GameWisp Cash-Out System Improvements

Once upon a time, GameWisp had this fantastic idea to offer the services of a subscribe button to all streamers, allowing content creators to monetize their creations from the start. As GameWisp continues to grow, changes need to be made to keep the cash out system a simple and gratifying process.

  • You can now cash out at any time, with a minimum threshold of $25.
  • Wait times used to take a week or longer to process. Creators want to be able to use the contributions that they’ve raked in and now things are getting much easier. With the new system in place, cash outs should now take 3-5 days to process.
  • Direct Deposit is now available as a cashout option. With the new provider Dwolla, direct deposits in the United States is now possible.
  • All those important tax documents like W8 and W9 now easily accessed in your Earnings page.
  • A real person actually REVIEWS all of your cash out requests with the help of a high powered machine to better combat those annoying chargebacks. And, even if a chargeback is done, GameWisp will take to your side to fight the chargeback and get you back your money. Want even better? All fees associated with chargebacks will be paid by GameWisp themselves!

All these changes are to make cashing out an easy and safe process. One small drawback to this new system is every cash out now costs 25 cents to directly cover fees, a necessary change to keep up with cash out requests. It’s a small fee to pay though for the amazing features and protection that GameWisp is providing.

Check out the GameWisp blog for the full details.

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