GameWisp Begins Emote Beta

GameWisp Emote Beta

First they brought you “sub buttons for all”. Then, they gave you options to customize everything that your future subs will get, including automatic Discord integration and server white listing. Now, GameWisp is pushing the envelop again and adding the ability for your subs to have emotes, similar to Twitch Partners! They just announced the Emote Beta and are slowly adding people into the program to test the features.

Looking to join the beta program? There are some minimum qualifications at this point to be able to apply:

  • You must have at least 5 active subscribers
  • Patience, as this is a Beta. Things will go down, things will break. You must have a cool head and ready to report everything
  • Have emotes ready to go when you get approved
  • Must join the GameWisp Discord to communicate with staff

The company is working to make sure that the emotes are available in every application that they can. Testers will be notified when a new application is added to the list but, so far, Discord has already been cleared and is already integrated into the Emote program!

If you’re looking to apply to the program, here is the link to the form!

Source: GameWisp Blog

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