May 8, 2014

Buying Founder’s Packs

With ArcheAge taking Twitch by storm, the question of whether or not to buy a Founder’s Pack is on everyone’s mind.  Is ArcheAge worth the $150, or is that money best spent on other games?  First off, you must think about your stream.  Do you plan on only streaming ArcheAge or is it simply going to be added to your rotation of games?  If you plan on streaming it exclusively, then consider the main perk of the Founder’s Pack: early access to alpha stages.

As a streamer, alpha access to a game can benefit you in multiple ways.  You can get your name out as a streamer before the game gets saturated with other streamers.  If you plan on streaming AA continually, you can use the time in game to begin to build a following, as well as a community in the game.  You can build a clan, make friends, and help other streamers along as well.  The ArcheAge Founder’s Pack also offers a plethora of in game items, including armor, tittles, and gliders. These items will give you a jump start over other players and streamers once the game is fully released, allowing you to advance in the game quicker and even show off special items that could only be acquired through a Founder’s Pack.

As the game progresses through alpha and into beta, the players play a vital role in helping developers find bugs and add improvements to better the game.  Streamers have become  a very important part of this process, due to the fact that developers tend to listen to them more than they have before.  Some developers are even starting to give some streamers certain benefits for streaming their game consistently, like codes for exclusive in-game items that can be given away to your viewers. Developer’s are also promoting streamers who consistently play their game through the game’s website or Twitter.

While this has been specifically about ArcheAge, the same could be applied to all games with the same sort of early access system. Landmark is another game currently in alpha, yet only available to those who purchase the $100 Trailblazer Pack.  While the actual contents of the packs change between games and developers, expect to see early access like this become more common.

Do you think that a Founder’s Pack is worth it?  Do you see any other benefits for streamers besides the ones listed above?  Let us know!

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