Extra Life Looking to Expand Stream Team

ExtraLife Stream Team Application

Extra Life recently put out the call for streamers to become part of the official Extra Life Stream Team and broadcast on the Extra Life channel. As opposed to participating in an Extra Life event and broadcasting on your own channel, if you join the stream team, you’ll be broadcasting for a period of time on Extra Life’s channel with the group of streamers already onboard. As their forum post states, Extra Life is looking for relatively experienced streamers to stream for at least a couple hours a week over the course of eight weeks. If you’re confident on stream but don’t have a big following yet, this can still be something to participate in but knowledge of Extra Life is also very important as you will effectively be a representative of Extra Life.

From there, there’s more specific guidelines you’ll want to be aware of if you want to apply to the Extra Life stream team. Generally speaking, you’ll want to have a family friendly environment on stream. No “M” rated games, no profanity, and you’ll need to have family friendly screen names across your social media. This is for charity, after all. You also can’t stream the use of emulators since they don’t necessarily adhere to DMCA restrictions. The upside to this is that Extra Life will be providing you with a variety of brand assets to help every stream on the channel look and feel the same despite have a plethora of different casters on the channel.

If all that sounds good to you and you want to do something to help out Extra Life, then you can and should apply. There is obviously the great feeling of doing something to support a cause bigger than yourself. This is also an opportunity for you to broadcast to a new audience and meet a bunch of new people. If you are keen on applying, Extra Life has set up an application you can fill out on their forum.

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