September 4, 2017

DesignByHumans Launches “Unofficial” TwitchCon Swag

DesignByHumans Unofficial TwitchCon Swag

In the wake of the latest TwitchCon reveal of their Partner “jerseys“, Design By Humans has launched custom swag just in time for TwitchCon. While DBH branded, the iconic “Twitch purple” and “TC” integration into the designs makes for some really nice clothing with a modern Twitch feel. The logo even includes “Long Beach, CA” which is the location for TwitchCon this year.

Unofficial TwitchCon Merchandise

Although not official Twitch merchandise, the community at large, at least on Twitter, seems to really enjoy the design. This product line also has the added appeal of being available for purchase by everyone. What’s even better is all net proceeds are going to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital!


Interested in picking up DBH branded apparel for TwitchCon? Check it out here.


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