Creating Your Channel

Creating Your Channel

So, you’ve decided to start a streaming adventure, this article will go over the initial steps and thought process when creating your channel, to help optimize the potential of your stream. We will look into choosing a suitable username, selecting a channel theme, outlining the rules of your channel, and managing your expectations.


Your username is possibly one of the most important things to think about before you start streaming, but is so often neglected by streamers when they start. Whilst you may have a username or alias you have been using for years, it may not be suitable for streaming and will most likely be taken.

Firstly, is it must be appropriate, you don’t want your username to become a point of controversy. Choosing something that might offend someone, is rude, or is explicit would be a poor choice. If you are ever unsure about a potential choice, a quick google search on that word/phrase would be a good way to check.

A key thing to remember when coming up with a username is it needs to be memorable, a memorable username will help viewers find you in the future and on other sites. So, when choosing a username you should avoid the use of numbers, both within your name and at the end, and the use of special or ambiguous characters, such as the underscore or replacing a lowercase L with an uppercase I. In addition, you should try to avoid repeating the same characters/letters after each other, unless that is how a word is spelt. All of these make for a username that is more difficult to remember. Also, the shorter a name is the easier it will be for people to remember.

Another major thing to consider is whether your chosen username is available on social media sites, such as Twitter, and gaming platforms. By having the same username on all sites it will make it easier for your viewers and other streamers to find you, so continuity is key.

Channel Theme

A channel theme will provide your channel with an identity, something which your viewers associate with your channel. It’s something where if they see something related to your chosen theme elsewhere in life, they will make the connection between that and your channel. A theme can be almost anything you want it to be and can be as creative or simple as you like. For example, the Twitch streamer BurkeBlack has a pirate theme, where all of his graphics and notifications are pirate themed, even wearing a pirate hat. On the flip side, the theme of your channel could be as simple as playing survival games and that is what you specialize in, becoming a one stop shop for everything related to survival games. Now again, you don’t need to begin streaming with a theme, channel themes can develop over time and may even become something completely different than you initially intended.


Outline the Channel Rules

It is always worthwhile taking the time consider what kind of rules you want your channel to have before starting. Setting these out before you start is always a good idea, since it will be clear for your viewers what you expect of them and will be less confusing than if they were introduced later. Things you might want to consider is who you’d expect to be your viewer base to be and when you’ll most likely be streaming. For example, if you stream during the day you might expect a younger viewer base and people who watch from work, so you might want to implement rules that cater towards that. However, your channel rules will change over time as you evolve as a streamer, so don’t feel the need to have things set in stone.

Your Expectations

Now that you have created your account and beginning to create your streams identity, you are one step closer to begin streaming. However, before doing so it is wise to take a second to think about what you are expecting from streaming. You may go into streaming, aiming to emulate your favourite streamer and becoming full time, but this should be your aim not your expectation. As you begin your streaming adventure, you may struggle to find any traction on your chosen site and may not reach double figures for viewers for quite some time. This is completely normal and the vast majority of streamers go through the exact same period, but if you work at it you will get there.

So, by taking your time when you setup your channel and following the simple tips in this article you maximize your chance to grow and realise your aspirations. Like many things when it comes to your stream, the more you put in the more you will get out.

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