April 17, 2016

BraneBot Viewer Portal Guide

BraneBot Viewer Portal Guide

Last week BraneBot went from Beta to full release, introducing a completely redesigned viewer portal page. At first glance, you’re probably a bit overwhelmed with all of the things on your screen. Have no fear! We are going to give you an easy to follow guide. You can view your own portal page at http://branebot.com/Console/Viewer/yourusername while your viewers can simply visit http://branebot.com/yourusername.

BraneBot Viewer PortalLet’s start with the top left corner of your screen.

The black and white adjacent squares allows you to change your portal from dark mode to light. Next to that it says “Viewer Portal” with a symbol of three horizontal lines. This button allows you to collapse the navigation sidebar containing Games, Jukebox, Calendar, and other tabs so that you only see the icons.

To the left of the navigation sidebar you’ll notice some avatars. These are the people you follow on Twitch that are using BraneBot. If they are online, their avatar will appear with a red border and a number indicating how many viewers are watching. Clicking on an avatar will bring you to their associated pages in the Viewer Portal.

Did you notice that small blue icon on the top right of your viewer portal? You can collapse the stream if you want to full screen the viewer portal pages, or maybe you have the stream open in another window already. BraneBot Minimize

Now, what do all these navigational tabs do? Let’s go over them!



All of BraneBot’s fun and interactive viewer games can be found here. Right now, this contains roulette, betting*, giveaways, polls*, and DUEL!* These games will only work if they have been turned on. The roulette game now features an actual roulette table that you can place your chips (your stream’s currency) on and watch the wheel spin. BraneBot Games


Let your viewers play music on your stream! Here you can see what’s currently playing and upcoming, the cost for songs, and the ability to request songs if Jukebox is enabled. Viewers can even watch the corresponding YouTube video if they choose.


It’s never been easier to track what’s planned for the streams. Holding a special event? Know what games you’re going to be playing? Update your calendar and your viewers can easily see what’s in store for the future. Coming soon.

Social Questing

Give currency to your viewers for tweeting out the stream or following your social media! Coming soon.


Here your viewers can easily send a tip to you using a variety of different currencies. Credit card support will be coming soon, but viewers can still use credit cards via Paypal.BraneBot Donate


Viewers can buy games, hardware, clothing and more from your affiliate links if you have integrated with supported companies. Viewers will also be able to purchase monthly BraneBot subscriptions for you. Coming soon.


If you used BraneBot’s old Viewer Portal, you’ll notice some similar statistics shown such as hours watched, currency amount, giveaway wins, months subbed, and more. Leaderboards and additional stats will be available in the future.BraneBot Statistics


Your streams VODs and highlights can easily be accessed on this page. Coming soon.


Your moderators are going to love working with BraneBot! Everything they need to manage BraneBot is now located in one convenient location. There are quite a few tabs just within this area, so let’s go over them. Note: Your mods will need to be given the “moderator” and “whitelisted” roles which can be done in your Console -> Offscreen -> Viewers or the Viewers tab in the Viewer Portal.


Edit the stream title and game. Turn on and modify the Jukebox as well as a few other bot settings. For the jukebox, you can see the current song and who purchased it. Underneath, there are options to change the playlist, play, pause, and skip songs. Open Play allows viewers to request any song from YouTube while Playlist Purchases lets your viewers select a song from your active playlist. Shuffle will randomize the order of songs being played which can be great if you keep playing from a playlist you’ve made.BraneBot Admin Main



From this page you can run giveaways and raffles. Keyword is what users who want to enter will type. Game Code is a feature not yet implemented. Mods will be able to enter a key for the game and when the winner is drawn and claimed, it will also be tied to the winner’s account. So in case they lose the key, they can always check back. You can make giveaways follower-only, sub-only, or open to everyone. Status Check allows viewers to check to see if they are entered into the running giveaway by typing !status in chat. Time Watched sets a minimum requirement a viewer has to have watched the stream to be eligible to enter (in minutes). Reminder Delay determines how often the bot reminds users a giveaway is active in chat. Claim Time gives a viewer that many minutes to claim the prize if they’ve won before it rerolls and selects a new winner, while False Claim Timeout will set how many hours a user is timed out for if they attempt to claim without being the winner. Ticket Cost and Ticket Limit are for raffles: Cost is the amount of currency per one ticket and Limit is the maximum amount of tickets a user can buy. BraneBot Admin Giveaways


This handy page lists all the commands for your channel. You can search, edit, delete and add commands from this page. You can customize permission settings for commands which will determine who can activate the command in chat. For example, you may have a !follow command to shout out fellow streamers that you will want to make mod-only. BraneBot Admin Commands


Similarly to the Commands page, here you can view a list of all quotes from your channel and search, edit, delete, and add new quotes.


Your moderators can now use the polling system! Run Time sets how long the poll will go on for. Once the time runs out the poll will disappear from the stream and the results will be posted in chat. You can choose to Display Time on stream so viewers know how much time is left. Customize font options such as type, color, stroke, and size (size affects the Question only at the moment). You can even customize the colors for each individual answer.

Here’s a tip for using the polling system. In its current state, the polling system is very finicky. The text size of your options is solely dependent on the number of options. This means the fewer the options, the shorter the length of each option needs to be. Otherwise, your options will not fit on each line and will overlap each other. We recommend giving your moderators the URL to the polling system which you can find in your Console -> OnScreen -> Polls. Tell them what width and height settings you have set up for your poll source and allow them to use Test Mode so they can preview and modify the poll on their end before pushing it live to your stream!BraneBot Admin Polls


Anyone that has ever visited your stream is listed here. You can sort by name, currency, time watched, and more. Easily see which viewers have Moderator or Whitelisted permissions by sorting with those options. You can edit viewers here to make them moderators or whitelisted or even manually adjust their stats.


Moderators can manage the betting system in this tab. Simply set the options for users to bet from, the house cut (how much from a viewer’s bet is removed from the system), and the limit (the max amount of currency someone can bet).

That, my friends, is the complete BraneBot Viewer Portal guide! With many features yet to come, we will be updating this page as soon as new updates are released. Have a question? Are we missing something? Tweet us @StreamerSquare or hop into our StreamerSquare Discord.

*Indicates a BraneBot Plus feature.