April 15, 2016

BraneBot Launches!

BraneBot Launch

BraneBot has just officially released! Previously, we’ve covered what features have been planned for release and what will be coming very soon. The website also launched with a redesign homepage. Members can now sign up for the Plus subscription plan, with core features like giveaways, onscreen alerts, and the jukebox remaining as part of the free plan.

To sign up for Plus, head to your BraneBot console. Click on Offscreen -> Account -> Subscription. From here you can upgrade to Plus and in the future the Ultra plan. Plus is $9.99 a month (or $7.49/month if prepaid for a year). However, for the first 24 hours of launch, you can upgrade to Plus and get the first month for $4.99.  BraneBot Subscription

A new game has been added to BraneBot: DUEL! You can access the settings under the Games tab in your console. This game allows your viewers to fight in a fun on-screen minigame. BraneBot Duel

The biggest change is the newly redesigned Viewer Portal. You can view your own Viewer Portal at http://branebot.com/Console/viewer/yourname. It’s a lot different from the old Viewer Portal and there are a lot of convenient new features. We’ll be publishing a guide on the new Viewer Portal soon! BraneBot ViewerPortal

Now that BraneBot has launched, expect the BraneBot team to be working harder than ever to crunch out any bugs and keep working on more new features coming soon.


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