April 5, 2016

BraneBot Updates Release Schedule, Subscription Tiers

BraneBot Release Schedule Subscription Tiers

As BraneBot gears up for their PAX East booth, the team unveiled a revised schedule for their developing features. While many features are still planned for the April 12th set date, some features will be moved for after the 12th but before PAX East on April 20th. A few features are also being moved to after PAX East.

Features available on April 12th

  • Basic (free) and Plus subscription
  • New alert UI
  • Redesigned viewer portal
  • Redesigned roulette game
  • New DUEL! game
  • Front page overhaul
  • Chargeback monitoring
  • Ticket support system

Features estimated to be in before PAX East (subject to change)

  • Alert graphic update
  • Default alert images
  • Ability for viewers to purchase a BraneBot subscription for you
  • Console Events

Pushed to after PAX

  • Alert varieties
  • 3D & custom alerts

BraneBot also detailed their subscription models pictured in the infographic below. By purchasing BraneBot Plus one time you can permanently unlock unlimited custom and timed commands, the quote system, and a custom bot name. As a bonus for beta testers, these features will be permanently unlocked for free and BraneBot’s first month of Plus will be offered for $4.99. You can sign up for BraneBot beta now and ensure you get these free bonus features! BraneBot Ultra will be added in the future.BraneBot Pricing

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