BraneBot Shuts Down


The well-known “complete streamer solution” BraneBot has ended its time with us on Twitch as of September 29th. Some were irritated by the lack of notice before the shutdown, while many were sad to see it go.

The development team created a post on Friday explaining that BraneBot will no longer be in operation. In their post, advised that they felt that the business model used had a high risk of failure. However, due to the amount of support from the community, the tool continued to be developed and maintained. He also went into little detail about the possibility of future, free products that would be in no way affiliated to BraneBot, but instead a new project. There are no further details on this as of yet.

Some users of the bot stressed theirĀ feelings and requested the ability to export data, such as chat currency and commands. While others thanked the development team for their time and effort put into the tool and wished them the bestĀ for the future. The development team themselves have advised that should users of the tool wish to recover missing data, they are able to do that by joining the discord here.



  1. Shame they had to shut down. As others mentioned more notification ahead of time would have been appreciated though.

    Was there no option to sell or pass on Branebot to another developer or site to take over and continue developing it, optionally merge in features of Branebot into another bot service?