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XSplit v3.3 Update Adds Macros, Multitrack Audio

XSplit 3.3 Update

A new update is now available for XSplit! The new patch (v3.3) includes some pretty big updates for all kinds of content creators to use.


The new Macros extension allows you to set up specific events like transitions, videos, text, alerts, and more through an easy-to-use interface. You can set custom keybindings to allow various actions to be executed on stream, similar to using hotkeys on your keyboard or using an Elgato Stream Deck! This feature is available in XSplit Broadcaster.

XSplit Macros

Multitrack Audio Recordings

A helpful tool for VOD creators, the new update allows you to separate audio tracks in your recordings. Available in both recording video locally or recording a stream as it’s happening, multiple audio tracks can be saved for your microphone and system sounds rather than being merged into one when brought into an editing program. This will be immensely helpful for anyone looking to streamline their editing process.

XSplit Audio

Updated Stream Alerts

Mixer and YouTube streamers, rejoice! Previously supporting only Twitch, XSplit Gamecaster has updated the widget to allow Mixer Subcriptions and YouTube Super Chats to appear as stream notifications. Now you’ll be able to show your appreciation to chat regardless of your streaming platform!

XSplit YouTube Mixer Alerts

You can find the patch notes for Broadcaster or Gamecaster here, and the newest updates are available now for you to update! Happy streaming!

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