August 16, 2017

XSplit PTR Update Adds Elgato Stream Deck Support

XSplit Elgato Stream Deck Support

The latest update in the XSplit 3.1 PTR adds several improvements, most notably native support for the Elgato Stream Deck. When I wrote the Stream Deck review, I lamented the fact that there were various functions in XSplit that you could bind to global hot keys but I hoped for native integration soon. XSplit and Elgato have delivered on that hope. After updating the Stream Deck software and downloading the latest version of the XSplit PTR with a new Elgato extension, you’re good to go. Not sure where to do that? XSplit has a handy page dedicated to the Elgato Stream Deck.

Elgato Stream Deck XSplit Integration

To break down the support in a few words, almost anything you could think of binding to the Stream Deck is available as an option in XSplit: Scene switching, toggling sources, muting and unmuting audio, taking a screenshot, and toggling your stream or recording. There are more specific features that aren’t supported like inserting cue points for the Express Editor or pausing recordings instead of just stopping recording all together but there are some more nuanced features still represented. You can, for instance, link sources to have the same properties across different scenes in XSplit and toggle them on or off across multiple scenes. If you wanted to toggle your webcam off across all your scenes, you could do that with one button press if you set up XSplit accordingly.

This is a very welcome update for the Stream Deck as a regular XSplit user. I don’t know exactly what goes on behind the scenes at Elgato but I hope this is a clear indication of even more support going forward for even more programs. They don’t often tease new integrations but whenever a release happens, even with their hardware, they deliver.

For more details on the XSplit integration, Elgato posted some notes on Reddit and you can find the XSplit PTR patch notes on their website.

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