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Elgato Gaming Announces the Cam Link and Collapsible Green Screen

Elgato Gaming Announces Cam Link and Green Screen

Elgato Gaming hit us with a bit of a combo today announcing both their own Green Screen as well as the Cam Link to connect cameras to your computer. Firstly, Elgato’s Green Screen solution is relatively compact and collapsible which is very well suited for those that are in a more compact space and/or want to stow away the green screen after streams. As the pictures depict, the Green Screen rolls out from the base and is supported by an x-frame. According to the specs on Elgato’s website, the Green Screen is 148 x 180 cm which puts it at just under 5 x 6 ft. The Green Screen is currently unavailable but it should be priced at around $150 once the listing goes live.

Elgato Gaming Green Screen

The second of Elgato’s announcements is the Cam Link. The Cam Link can be used to connect larger-format cameras to your computer. Elgato specifies options for DSLRs, camcorders, and action cameras. As the specs page describes, the Cam Link plugs right into a USB 3.0 port, takes an HDMI input, and outputs up to 1080p 60 FPS video at low latency similar to how Elgato’s HD60 S capture cards might work. This means you can run a regular camera as your stream webcam and get really high quality. The listing price for the Cam Link is just under $130 and includes a USB 3.0 extension cable if you’re worried about the Cam Link housing crowding up your USB ports.

Elgato Gaming Cam Link

For more info, refer to Elgato’s page on the Green Screen and the Cam Link. Phil, the Technical Marketing Manager at Elgato Gaming, answered some questions on Twitter if you want even more information and Julian, the General Manager of Elgato Gaming, teased about a “Project Fat Boy” that is coming soon as well. We’ll keep our eyes open for it!

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