June 15, 2017

XSplit v3.0 Update for Broadcaster and Gamecaster

XSplit 3.0

XSplit has released the latest update to both Broadcaster and Gamecaster. For those that were using the PTR for XSplit, this update is mostly pushing many of those “beta” features to the current public version of XSplit.

XSplit highlights the major changes in their update video. One of the first things that stands out in this update is Split Mode where you can see and edit a scene while still previewing your live environment on the side. Interestingly enough, more traditional video production software is usually in “split mode” but things like OBS and XSplit only had a live view for quite some time.

XSplit 3.0 Update

The update video also features expanded hot key support to include MIDI devices, an expanded Media Slideshow extension to allow you to mix up mp4, webm, and images into one source, and updated Mixer support with FTL. Across the board, the 3.0 update adds or refreshes support for various services like updating the direct outputs to Mixer, Smashcast, Facebook, and even Restream.io and integrating native chats in XSplit for those services. They even added a native Super Chat alert for YouTube. It’s extremely basic and I can’t imagine you’d want to use it over something like Streamlabs because it doesn’t look like you can use custom images or HTML/CSS but the option is there. A quick note about the Media Slideshow is that it is potentially more preferable than the image or video slideshows because you can set custom intervals for items. The last thing they mention is the built-in option to set whether XSplit should use CPU or GPU for video processing as per your setup.

Gamecaster did get an update, albeit and less substantial one. Gamecaster already featured it’s own integrated alert system but now Gamecaster also supports web-based alerts. Gamecaster implementation of alerts was pretty good for a basic alert system but doesn’t have the options that something like Streamlabs or Muxy could offer so this is a welcome addition.  Gamecaster also got some revisions to their services as well. Gamecaster natively supports many streaming services and the 3.0 update, like with Broadcaster, refreshed how some things work. Gamecaster supports streaming to Mixer with FTL and recording as well as subscriber notifications for YouTube. Without fully understanding how XSplit’s suite works as a whole, I’d say that Broadcaster and Gamecaster operate on the same backend so updating both keeps things nice and tidy.

XSplit Gamecaster 3.0

For the most part, these are relatively small updates in a 3.0 update. Looking back at the 2.0 features, there is some parody in things like Split Mode now over the Preview Editor in 2.0 and they implemented source transitions in 2.0 and now that has more options in the most recent update. For more details on the update, you can refer to the XSplit blog for Broadcaster and Gamecaster.

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