February 18, 2016

TwitchCon 2016 Announced

Go ahead and book your hotel and find your flight! The time and place for TwitchCon 2016 has officially been announced. The second ever TwitchCon will not be taking place in Twitch’s home city of San Francisco, but further down the coast in San Diego, California. The convention goes from September 30th to October 2nd, a week later than last year’s event. This could be to give a little more space from PAX Prime, since many streamers and industry professionals attend both conventions. Or maybe it was just the only available weekend around that time of year. Another change from the first TwitchCon is this year the convention lasts three days instead of two, from Friday to Sunday. A whole extra day to meet your favorite streamers, greet your fans, and hang out with the awesome staff members behind Twitch.


The official TwitchCon website has an e-mail sign-up form to receive the latest announcements. Tickets are not yet available for purchase. You can also follow the official @TwitchCon Twitter.

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