December 14, 2016

Twitch Upgrades the Streamer Dashboard

Twitch Streamer Dashboard

Twitch has just released their new Streamer Dashboard which has not seen an update in quite some time. Not only does this update improve the look and functionality of the Dashboard, Twitch has gone above and beyond in adding many new integrated tools and features to provide you with a better streaming experience.

If you head to your Dashboard now, you will notice a number of changes:

New and Improved Panels

Just like they introduced modular panels to your Info Panels, you can now organize your Dashboard as you see fit! This is mainly due to having more information to deal with so it is nice to have that level of customization. Also, because of the extra info you are now able to open and close each panel by clicking the little triangle in the top left. This is nice to avoid clutter while you’re streaming to ensure you are only seeing what you want.

New/Updated Information

In addition to the new panels, there are some nice quality of life changes to improve the way information is presented.

  • Announcements
    • A panel dedicated to Twitch announcements. Having this panel on the Dashboard keeps you up to date on any issues with Twitch and receive important updates.
  • Stream Information
    • Updated with various quality of life changes such as character limit count in the Title.
  • Live Stats
    • Removed the number of Chatters but has added an Uptime timer and the number of Clips that have been created for that session.
  • Stream Health
    • Replaced the “Stream Configuration Quality” panel. Stream Health displays live data of your stream which can show its status and any inconsistencies such as bitrate spikes.
    • Added a tooltip to teach streamers how to run “Stream Tests”; allowing streamers to start streaming without going live or sending out notifications. This is helpful to test new settings and stream stability before a real broadcast.

Inspector v2

The Stream Configuration Quality info panel has been replaced by the Stream Health panel which provides real time data on your stream. Twitch has gone one step further and has updated it with tools to get more accurate information on the stream.

Inspector v2 logs all your past broadcasts and also displays your current stream’s status similar to the “Stream Health” panel. You can also view the broadcasts in a chart which displays your streams more dynamically, allowing you to hover your mouse over it and view things such as your bitrate and FPS at that moment in time.Twitch Inspector


In the Table view, clicking on a specific stream will yield you with a plethora of information.Twitch Inspector


Any streamer can find use in this page whether you’re a professional wanting the exact numbers on your bitrate stability, or a brand new streamer trying to figure out the best settings.

The Inspector will not only provide you with data but will actively try and help with diagnosing problems. There is a Configuration Check that will recommend certain settings to you on a quick first glance but there is also an in-depth Help Guide available.

In the General view of your streams, the Help Guide will provide an overview of how to start streaming and also a wide range of info from “How to Set a Proper Bitrate” to “How to choose a Twitch Ingest Server”. Clicking on any one of your streams will turn the Help Guide into a more detailed troubleshooter which shows you how to read the graphs, see any problems, and how to take the best course of action.

For those who prefer the old Dashboard, there is an option to use the previous version in the Announcements panel. For those wanting to use the new one, what are you waiting for? Go check out the features for yourself now!

Source: Twitch Blog

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