March 1, 2016

StreamPro Joins the TwitchAlerts Team

The TwitchAlerts family expands! StreamPro, a website dedicated to providing streamers with easy-to-use tools for setting up stream overlays, has joined forces with the TwitchAlerts team. The blog post by StreamPro apologizes for the recent lack of communication, but expresses excitement to work with another team of people who are passionate about streamers. The new group members have been answering questions in a Reddit thread dedicated to the announcement, so definitely head there if you use either or both of the services and have any questions. There are no current changes or additional announcements, but we will surely have you covered as new things are expected to be announced within the next few weeks. Do you need to switch to one or the other? For now, it’s fine to use either. The plan will be to become one tool at some point!

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