TwitchAlerts: An Overview of Current Features

TwitchAlerts is one of the most popular streaming notification programs for Twitch. It offers customized pop-up alerts for donations, subscribers, followers, and hosts. The great thing about TwitchAlerts is there is no coding knowledge needed: everything is easily customizable with a few clicks. What’s even better? The service, including the donation tracking, is completely free. Here we will briefly go over TwitchAlert’s current features, with more in-depth guides in the future.TwitchAlerts Logo

Streaming Alerts

  • Donations
    • Text to speech
      • Not only English, but a variety of languages from Afrikaans to Welsh
      • Spam security setting
    • Display message on/off
      • Censor profanity (or change them to happy words)
    • Customizable optionsTwitchAlerts Donation Settings
      • Top Donator
      • Top Monthly
      • Specific Amounts
      • Over a certain amount
  • Followers
  • Subscribers
    • Customize alerts for subs vs resubs
    • Can set alerts for resubs that are of a certain length
  • Hosts
    • Can choose the minimum amount of viewers for it to pop up

Additional Donation Features

  • Tracking
    • History of donations
    • Block and report bad donors
    • View and display all time top donors, top monthly donors, top weekly donors, and more
  • Goals
    • Set a donation goal and display it on stream, the bar will fill when you receive donationsTwitchAlerts Donation Goal

Other Streamer Tools

  • Chat
    • Easily display your Twitch chat on screen
  • Wishlist
    • Do not need to reveal any personal information
    • Works the same as donating (up to you to spend the money on the item on your wishlist)
  • Event List
    • Display notifications in a neat list on streamTwitchAlerts Event List

TwitchAlerts offers a variety of notification services with many excellent customization options. It’s slick interface and ease of use makes it a nice choice for streamers on Twitch. Unfortunately, if you stream on another service like YouTube or Hitbox, there is currently no support for those platforms. We’ll let you know when support for the other platforms come around. Have an idea for a TwitchAlerts how-to guide? Tweet us @StreamerSquare.

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