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So, have you got the basics of Streamlabs OBS down? If not, head on over to our previous Streamlabs OBS article.

Already got the basics down? Well, friend, there’s a lot more you can do. This article covers more detail when managing sources, scenes, and managing your event feed. This document also summarizes the widgets that make Streamlabs OBS unique. Are you ready to improve your stream game? Let’s crack that broadcast app open.

Managing Sources

Last time we briefly touched on getting sources in a scene. Below are a few additional things to keep in mind when managing your sources:

  • Remove a source from a scene by clicking on it, then click the – symbol.
  • Lock a source in place by clicking the lock icon, toggling its lock state.
  • Hide a source by clicking the eye icon, toggling visibility.
  • Reorder sources within a scene by clicking on the Scene in the list, and dragging it to the desired position in the list.
  • Group sources together by creating folders. The Add Group button is to the left of the +symbol. Create a group, then click and drag sources to the new folder.

Managing Scenes

Keep the following things in mind when working on your scenes. Streamlabs OBS allows you to organize your scene collections and their respective scenes. Keeping it organized makes it far easier when you’re in the middle of a stream, frantically trying to find the right scene.

  • Scene Collections are a group of scenes. The active scene collection can be swapped out by clicking Scene Collection’s name above the scene list.
  • Remove a scene from the scene collection by clicking on it, then click the – symbol.
  • Reorder scenes by clicking on a Scene name and dragging it to its desired position in the list.
  • Rename a scene by right-clicking the Scene name and selecting Rename. Type in the scene’s new name.

Managing Audio

Is your microphone too quiet or is your game sound too loud? The Mixer shows your active audio in your current scene. Each source should have an entry with its own:

  • Sound Level – a visual bar that shows the sound level of the source and it’s decibel (dB) value. Try to keep all sources out of the red. Keep the source you want the loudest in the yellow range.
  • Volume Slider – adjusts the volume of the source by sliding this bar left (lower volume) or right (louder volume).
  • Mute Toggle – instantly toggle the source on or off by clicking this button.
  • Settings – click the gear to access the source’s options.

The Mini Feed

It might seem difficult to keep up with all the things happening during the stream. You will need a way to see every follow, sub, host, or raid. Say no more, the Mini Feed is a list of recent events that you can keep your eye on.

  • Along the top right of this section are buttons that help customize how you receive events.
  • The Filter button lets you decide which events to see in this list. Click this button and notice by default, all events are selected. Toggle off any events you don’t want to see.
  • The Pause button let’s you temporarily stop displaying events. This applies to any widgets (more on that next) triggered by an event. Click this button again to resume displaying any events.
  • The Skip Alert button let’s you skip an event.
  • The Mute Event Sounds button silences alerts while still showing any relevant visuals for related widgets.


Streamlabs OBS is at its finest when using their widgets with your stream. Since we covered sources last time, but let’s talk about how to add Streamlabs widgets to your broadcast. These widgets are found alongside the standard sources when adding to a scene. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular widgets: Alerts, Event List, and The Jar.


The Alertbox is the most used Streamlabs widget. This widget includes Follows, Subs, Cheers, Hosts, Tips, and more. While in the Add Source screen, click Alertbox to get this screen:

  • On the left side of this screen, toggles turn alert types on and off. Check these to make sure all desired alerts are on.
  • Clicking the + symbol allows you to set custom alerts based on a given threshold.
  • In the upper right corner of this window, click on an alert type to test it for a preview.
  • Click Done to save these preferences.
  • Click and drag the Alert box to position it in the scene.

Event List

The Event List allows you to show recent events as part of your scene. If there’s an Alert for it, the Event List can display it. To add this widget, click Event List from the Add Source popup and clicking Add Source.

  • Similar to Alerts, make sure the kind of events you prefer are checked off. This is found under Manage List.
  • Click Font Settings to change the font type, color, and size.
  • Change more details such as colors and animation under Visual Settings.
  • Click on Done when satisfied with these initial settings. You can change these any time.
  • Click and drag the list to place it in the scene.

The Jar

The Jar visualizes follows, subs, and cheers by dropping them into a jar on your overlay. Select The Jar from the list of widgets on the Add Source popup.

Name the source, then click Add Source. You are taken to The Jar’s settings:

  • Like the Alert and Event List, pick which events you would like to display with this widget.
  • Click Images to pick how each event is represented. Default images are already set.
  • Click Done to save your settings.
  • Click and drag the source to place it in the scene.


How do you know if all this stuff… works? While constructing your scene and adding new widgets, each offers a way to test them out within their settings.

Alternatively, as you tweak your scene, use the built in Test Widgets section in the lower right corner next to the Go Live button. Clicking this button expands the bar to show the most common events.

Clicking an event sends a test trigger to all your widgets. Try each of these out so you get the look you desire.

Welcome to Widget Town!

So by now you should better understand the most common aspects of the Streamlabs OBS interface. You even know a bit about adding, adjusting, and testing widgets. Harness this knowledge, go forth and turn those stream dreams into a reality!

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