July 20, 2017

Streamlabs Adds Full HTML/CSS Support, Follower Goal Widget, and Account Merging

Streamlabs HTML-CSS Support Follower Goals Account Merging

After quite a bit of teasing, Streamlabs adds full support for HTML/CSS on their alerts. This means that if you’re technically savvy enough or have a web developer friend, you can fully customize the way your alerts appear and animate with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The previous editor for alerts is still there so if the basic options are enough for your stream, you can still simply upload images, choose a basic animation, and choose from basic text options.

This update makes a lot of sense with the Streamlabs lineup. The on-screen chat and event list widgets both have CSS support already so adding more options to the alert box makes sense. Muxy.io has notably had HTML/CSS options on their implementation of an alert box for a while now so Streamlabs is leveling the playing field. If you want to see the potential of this update, look no further than NerdOrDie’s Jackpot alert which was featured in Streamlabs’ news post.

Streamlabs Follower Goal

Another quick thing Streamlabs released recently is the Follower Goal widget. The widget is identical to Streamlabs’ Donation Goal widget so if you’re familiar with that, everything is the same. You change the title that appears on the widget, set the actual goal and what you’re starting with as well as basic formatting options like if you use the standard bar size or a more condensed version along with font and color options. The Follower Goal widget does the job currently but it could stand to have more options. You currently have to manually set the goal and starting amount. The widget doesn’t currently pull from your existing follower number or anything and if you want to use the widget as a daily goal, you’ll have to reset all the information and set the end date for the next day every time you stream.

Finally, Streamlabs has support for account merging on the site. This is for people that stream to multiple sites and want to have their assets shared across services. So, since Streamlabs supports Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, and Facebook, if you stream to all these sites, you can have one Alert Box widget link, for instance, to make your life easier. There are more details on the Streamlabs update but the Stream Labels app and the Recent Events on the Streamlabs dashboard will pull data from all services simultaneously.

If you’re keeping up with the Streamlabs teases, the next update will likely feature the Events widget and/or feature Twitter and Periscope prominently.

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