Streamlabs Launches Animated Tip Jar

Streamlabs Animated Tip Jar

The first update from Streamlabs for the year is their own version of an animated Tip Jar. You may be familiar with the animated CheStreamlabs Tip Jarer cup from as many people have taken to using it. Streamlabs has taken their own spin on the idea with even more customization. If you’ve ever see the Cheer cup before, you’ve seen that Bits from Cheers stack up in a cup that you can have on your stream and Streamlabs has implemented that here like you’d expect.

To make things even more fun for non-partnered broadcasters especially, you can also now also have other kinds of events drop items in the Tip Jar like a channel icon for new followers or non-Bit tips towards your channel. A Tip Jar wouldn’t be a fun on-screen effect if bits of everything didn’t go flying everywhere so that still happens here with the added flourish from increasingly large sub icons for resubs. The last bit of customization you get is different actual Tip Jars as well. If a straight cup doesn’t do it for you, maybe a champagne glass, martini glass, or one of the eleven other cups are more your thing.Streamlabs Tip Jar

The Tip Jar is now under the “In The Labs” section along with a new iteration of the Stream Labels text tool and soon other features in 2017. Streamlabs mentioned in their blog post that in 2017, they’ll be releasing one major feature each month. They’ve started strong with something like the animated Tip Jar but the next month will really set the tone for what qualifies as a “major feature” for Streamlabs. Personally, I’d like to see them revamp their older tools to be more modern, customizable, and generally more usable. The hints they’ve given us show an updated interface for their dashboard and also shoes and a Leroy Jenkins gif? Anything can happen next week.

We’ll be sure to check in with Streamlabs when they announce whatever they’ve got next.

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