November 22, 2017

Streaming with Disabilities [TwitchCon 2017 Panel]

Streaming with disabilities TwitchCon 2017

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VoD link:
Moderator: DeafGamersTV
Participants: GoodTimesWithScar, mackenseize, Radderssgaming, StaceyofGotham, zerothecook

  • How do you revolve your streaming schedule around your disabilities? You don’t HAVE to have a set schedule. Sometimes with your disabilities, you have to take days off at a moment’s notice.
  • Listen to your body and find your limits.
  • When having hard days always try and stay positive.
  • Don’t compare yourself to other streamers.
  • Find the right community to make you feel positive and comfortable.
  • Create a community that you want to be a part of.
  • Remember people will pick on you no matter what, disability or not.
    • Having the community to back you when dealing with the trolls.
    • Don’t let the trolls eat away at you. If you break once its only human.
  • Try using a bot, if you are open to it, stating your disability to let newer viewers know.
  • Sharing your disability can help a viewer who isn’t comfortable with their disability can connect and feel more open about it.
  • Have plans ready if there is a medical emergency on stream.
  • When taking personal time do whatever YOU want to decompress.
  • Sometimes having the disability SUCKS, but you are never alone.
  • Make a list of goals you want to get accomplished on stream.
  • Your first idea/try may not work. Never give up, the first failure is the hardest, but it only gets easier.
  • If it doesn’t work, maybe streaming isn’t for you? You can always be a manager, moderator, etc.

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