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Welcome to Streamers & Industry, a new type of feature for StreamerSquare that aims to teach aspiring streamers about job opportunities and alternative paths in the streaming world. Becoming a full time streamer is a dream for many, but the road is not easy and success is far from guaranteed. Fear not though, because opportunities in this industry are plenty if you know where to look, how to network, and what skillsets are desired.

Our first interviewee is Twitch Partner and Public Relations Rep SeriouslyClara.

Tell us about what you currently do.

I work in influencer relations for a gaming PR firm and stream indie games as a hobby on the side.

Are you a full time streamer? Stream on the side?

Stream on the side! Streaming is my joy, not my job. I don’t think it will ever be my job because I love it too much, if that makes sense. For me, when things become mandatory and I start having to rely on them to live, I lose the joy out of it. And I like the autonomy of playing whatever weird stuff I want without feeling like I need to uphold numbers. It’s a personal choice!

What was your first step in the industry?

My first official step into the gaming industry is my current job as influencer relations. I develop meaningful relations with content creators and get the right games into their hands so they have content and our developer/publisher clients can extend their reach for their games!

Did you start with streaming and then pursue other opportunities or the other way around? Did being a streamer help you get into other opportunities? Maybe by networking or acquiring necessary skills?

I started streaming as a hobby to keep the newly single (at the time) me out of trouble. It definitely worked! I was kind of bribed into doing it one night for Guild Wars 2 gold…. I even hated streaming at first, and for months only did it very rarely when I was bugged enough in-game. I eventually found a love for it and stopped taking the platform for granted. Though still on a casual basis, I started taking streaming more seriously, made a schedule, and developed a message – love yourself, accept yourself, no shame. From streaming, I’ve gotten into some amazing networks and circles. I’ve been given stage hosting opportunities, been invited on gaming panels at conventions, connected peers, game developers, and industry members, and visited places like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to participate in a campaign to raise money for children fighting cancer through streaming. I headed up the first ever Twitch community meetup (here in Vancouver, BC) back in 2015 and grew it to what it is today, which spun off into many other community meetups popping up around the world. We bring together gamers, streamers, developers, and other industry members. From all of this, I was offered a freelance job at Sandbox Strategies – a gaming PR firm in New York – where I now work full-time. It has been an amazing journey and I am so grateful for the countless opportunities that came from that moment I hit Start Streaming.

What types of skills crossover between streaming and your job? What advice would you give to those wanting to step into this industry?

From streaming, I carry over skills in communication and relationship building within the content creator/influencer crowd. I enjoy a familiarity and appreciation of what content creators do, how demanding it is to be one, and what they’re looking for when it comes to partnerships with our clients. My advice to those who want to step into the gaming industry is to be as much a part of it as you can right now. Stream, join communities, go to conventions and events, reach out to industry members, follow people in the positions you want for yourself, and so on. The industry is always changing and rapidly, so get in there now.

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