Stream Scene Ep. #62: Streaming on Mixer

The Stream Scene: Streaming On Mixer with RocketBear and Backdraft

Interested in Streaming on Mixer or just wondering what is Mixer? Mixer (Formerly Beam) was acquired by Microsoft in 2016. With things like FTL (Sub Second latency) to their Mixplay board, they have made huge strides in the Content Creator industry! In this episode of the Stream Scene our hosts Lowco and TheHunterWild with special guests Rocketbear & Backdraft discuss Mixers current state as well as plans for the future.

Microsoft Acquisition

Microsofts acquisition was definitely a great thing as Mixer needed a powerhouse behind them to help grow. Rocketbear states that he has seen the community and broadcasters grow since being acquired in 2016. Mixer has a reputation of taking risks when it comes to new features and they continue to show that with being backed by Microsoft. Their recent involvement in PAX South 2018 has also shown a lot of growth on the platform.

How has Mixer changed over the years?

The community was always first and foremost on Beam and the rebrand to Mixer has shown that it is still always first. The community, of course, has grown over the years but the core still remains. Mixer continues to offer new tech that you don’t see anywhere else. They treat Trust and Safety as one of their highest priority and with that in mind, they’ve been adding new safety measures and new features for both the viewers and streamers alike. One of the coolest features is by utilizing the Embers system as there is no chance of a chargeback. Another cool feature is their Sparks system. Sparks used to just be channel currency but with the introduction of Season 2 they now offer a percentage boost. Viewers can earn Sparks just by watching a stream and use them on their favorite Mixer partner to give a percentage boost for Embers payouts.

Tools on Mixer

One of the most notable tools is their FTL (sub second latency). With FTL you can talk to your viewers in real time with almost no latency. Another great tool is their Mixplay board. The Mixplay board allows streamers to build an interactive board that sits directly below their stream with a unique set of buttons/ commands exclusive to their channel and community.

Streamer Review System

Last month Mixer introduced their Streamer Review System. This system requires you to watch a short video on ToS and then acknowledge that you’ve watched it. After submitted, there’s a 24 hour review period before your first camera capable stream. Lowco feels like it’s a great way to combat the troll streaming that’s very prevalent in our industry. By logging in with your Microsoft account it will help deter a lot of the troll streaming and adds an extra level of safety.

Monetization on Mixer

2 months ago Mixer announced Monetization for all. What that means is you will have the opportunity to monetize certain aspects of your channel as soon as you start your streaming journey on Mixer. It will allow you to elevate your stream with some upgrades faster but also is a great motivator to continue streaming and building your community.

Ninja’s move to Mixer

In August of this year, Ninja announced his move to stream exclusively on Mixer. With that move, he brought a TON of new faces to Mixer and really helped elevate the platform. Ever since his move to Mixer, he has been known to host some partners and even non-partners after his stream which will help increase the viewership across the platform. It has also increased exposure for the platform as a whole by having a very well known Content Creator moving to it.

Platform “competition”

“Competition breeds Innovation!” Backdraft said this when talking about the Platform “competition” going on in the Content Creation industry today. Mixer paved the way for FTL (low latency streams) and it is now being utilized on other platforms. Every time a platform comes out with something new, another platform will create that in their own way on their platform.


We’ve created a highlights playlist for this weeks episode and in it you can find the best tidbits. We hope to see you next week on the next episode of The Stream Scene titled “BEST ADVICE EVER: Clickbait Discussion”

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