Stream Hatchet Introduces Global Stats

StreamHatchet GlobalStats

Ever wondered what game you’ve played the most, which emote is the most popular in your chat, or how many hours you’ve streamed? Stream Hatchet, a Twitch stream stat tracking website, has added a handy new Global Stats page that displays all this information and more. Unfortunately the stats will only display information from when you’ve signed up on Stream Hatchet. But, you can use the service for free and analyze these statistics as time goes on.

There are three sections on this page: Sessions, Totals, and Top.

Sessions takes every stream you’ve done and averages out your stats as seen below.

StreamHatchet Session Stats

Totals takes every stream you’ve done and adds it together to produce statistics such as total time streamed and total time watched. StreamHatchet Total Stats

Top displays peak stats such as games played, donations, and most used emoticons. StreamHatchet Top

The Global Stats page in Stream Hatchet is a quick and simplified way to view a summary of statistics for your Twitch stream.

Source: Stream Hatchet Blog

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