April 21, 2016

Quick Notes: PAX East 2016 for Streamers

PAX East

Are you a streamer about to embark on a hectic journey through PAX East 2016? Being one of the largest gaming conventions of the year, making the commitment to a PAX event is serious! Definitely make sure to have fun and enjoy the experience, but if you are serious about streaming, you’ll want to make the most of the trip.

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a resource list to make your PAX East 2016 trip efficient.

For starters, absolutely make sure to download the PAX East 2016 Guidebook app for your smartphone. This handy application contains a complete list of exhibitors, schedules, maps, and the ability to even create your own schedule.

Official PAX Guide App






Here are streaming-related panels occurring at PAX East, with their time and location. For a complete schedule, check your PAX app. In addition, you can view the entirety of Twitch’s PAX broadcast schedule if you want to catch some entertainment from the Twitch booth.

Twitch Town Hall – Friday 4:00pm at the Dragonfly Theatre

Dropped Frames Live – Friday 6:00pm at Albatross Theatre

A Primetime YouTube Gaming Panel – Friday 8:00pm at Condor Theatre

YouTube Gaming with your favorite YouTubers – Saturday 7:30pm at the Albatross Theatre


Have you checked the exhibitors list on your PAX Guidebook app yet? There are hundreds of exhibitors. We’ve combed through the list and pulled ones that are directly relevant to streaming. Use your app to look these up and find exactly where they are located. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and definitely exchange business cards!

Streaming Platforms

Twitch #9044


BraneBot #11212

GameWisp #11056


Infiniscene #11085

XSplit #9188

Streaming Areas

Intel #6068

Elgato Gaming – Expo Hall Entrance

Hardware and Peripherals

Alienware #5092

AMD #9200

Corsair #2121

CybertronPC #2050

DXRacer #2044

Gunnar Optiks #6225

HyperX #2064

Logitech #6124

MSI #4188

Newegg.com #9164

SteelSeries #2106


LootCrate #3200

IndieBox #6237


Children’s Miracle Network #1108



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