OBS Studio Version 20 Update

OBS Studio has released a wonderful update, attaching a ton of changes and new features to help you with your streaming for the future! Let’s dive in to see what they’ve added.

  • OBS is now modular! Now you can move the various elements around to your preference. To do this, start by going to View -> Deselecting Lock UI. You can even undock elements completely, freeing it from the confines of the window and moving it to anywhere on your desktop. You can also combine two objects into a single space, creating tabs. Finally, if there are elements you don’t want to view, you can deselect them from the View menu or hit the X in the top right corner of any element.OBS Studio Modular
  • Added the ability to zoom into the preview so you can fine tune all your necessary details. To do this, go to Edit -> Preview Scaling and change it to either Canvas or Output. Then, inside the preview window, hold Space bar and scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in and perfect every corner of your stream.
  • Ever been worried that your audio is way too loud or cracking? Every streamer goes OBS Studio Audio Clippingthrough this and OBS understands this. That’s why they’ve updated the audio bars to change to a red color if the audio starts to clip or is too loud. Perfect for those of us that strive for perfect audio.
  • Image slide shows can now be manually controlled with hotkeys so you can create a presentation that YOU control easily! You can also change the visibility behavior of the slide show so you can control if the slide show pauses, restarts, or continues to play regardless of if it is in the scene or not.
  • Slide shows can also have looping disabled now.
  • Mixer friends – FTL is officially supported in OBS Studio. It’s under the streaming services as “Mixer.com – FTL.” No more needing your special programs to be able to enjoy all the features of OBS. This also means that add ons can be produced for OBS targeting Mixer for the future!
  • Twitch servers can now be “Auto” selected based on relative proximity to the server. With selecting “Auto”, Twitch servers will automatically detect which server is the closest to you and will select the appropriate server based on ping, location, and interference.
  • Sources can finally be LOCKED so that you aren’t accidentally moving other sources around when trying to rearrange your stream.
  • Stinger transitions have been added, allowing you to import
  • Various other bug fixes and a slick new “Rachni” theme has been added as well.OBS Rachni Theme

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