March 25, 2016

New TwitchAlerts Feature: Media Sharing

Yesterday, TwitchAlerts released a hotly requested feature called Media Sharing. Now, you can allow your viewers to share music, videos, and images on your Twitch stream through donations. Set a minimum price for it to show up and even a price per second for the alert to keep playing. With this new feature, you’ll be able to skip alerts or opt to show the video that the song is coming from through your StreamLabels too. TwitchAlerts Media Sharing

If you turn Media Sharing on, your donation page will add a box for users to add a YouTube URL and a start time. Once the user does this it will display how long the video will play for and the cost per second. TwitchAlerts Media Sharing

This is a great feature to allow every now and then as an incentive for viewers to donate and have fun on your stream. Make sure to create settings that makes it affordable for viewers yet not so people can easily play lengthy songs that may annoy your other viewers. The “skip alert” button is excellent for videos that are unbearable to listen to, but having to skip so often can discourage viewers from donating at all.

Source: TwitchAlerts Blog

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