How to set up StreamTip Donation Tracker is a useful way to track your donations during your Twitch stream, here’s a setup guide for how to get it running!

1. Login to StreamTip with your Twitch login.

2. If it’s your first time, you will go through a tour of the site.

3. Downloads -> Download StreamTip Alerter

4. Run the program and configure your settings. Your API Access key and Client ID are located in your Account page.

5. Your account page also has some important information to fill out. The Billing and Payments sections must be completed. Optionally, you can fill out the Tipping Page section.

To make donations appear on your stream:

1. Add Text to your scene, name it Top Donator (or whatever you’d like)

2. You have two options for this: Type in custom text or link to a file. You want to link to a file.

3. Find the file in the Streamtip folder called tip-top. This is your top donator name. Link this file.

4. Repeat for tip-recent (Recent Donator) if you’d like.

5. Customize how the information appears on your stream!

All you have to do is login to that website like you would with Download the new StreamTip alerter and run it to reconfigure your settings (API key + client ID located at You will then need to switch your text files in OBS. The new files are located in your My Documents folder under StreamTip.

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