Guide – Dual PC Setup

Dual PC Setup

I’ve had a good handful of people ask me how I run my setup. So, here is a full fledged guide as to how I have things running behind the scenes.

The video I’ve created for you will go over a few things, including Basic Theory, Streaming Hardware, Wire Setup, and Software Configuration.


I’ll write over a few basic things I did not include in the video.

What is a “Switch” and why do you recommend it?

Well, a switch is simply an input device that controls what signal is currently being transmitted. Imagine a switch like an INPUT on your TV. It allows you to change what video is displaying or what audio is being played. For those of you who use PC’s and consoles to stream, this is a huge advantage.

Which computer do I plug my webcam into? 

Rule of thumb – is if it’s for your stream, plug it into the streaming PC. The whole point of getting a dedicated streaming PC is to remove any extra load from your gaming PC.

What about VoIPs such as Discord, Skype, TeamSpeak? Do I run those off the streaming PC as well?

This is up to you really, VoIP won’t really have a large impact on your computing process. What I personally do is run it off of the streaming PC and bind a Push-To-Talk key on my stinkyboard.

PC Parts List

HDMI Switch
Optical Switch
Capture Card
Audio Card
HDMI Splitter
Ground Loop
KVM Switch

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Links to Wiring Diagrams

NON-Switch Setup –
Switch Setup –
Mic Setup –
Peripheral Setup –

If you have any additional questions about this guide or you just wanna pick my brain, I invite you to swing by the StreamerSquare discord

Thanks and I hope you enjoyed the guide!

Venalis | @venalis21



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