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Let’s talk about a Sub button for a minute. It’s a dream of most streamers that start this journey. Sub buttons are an important source of revenue for content creators. GameWisp is changing the name of the game with their services. Going by the motto “Sub buttons for all,” GameWisp lets streamers create their own subscription system and determine the benefits supporters can receive. Let’s dive into GameWisp and the options they provide for you.



The biggest service that GameWisp provides is, of course, their “Sub” button. GameWisp allows custom tiers (up to six) so your viewers can choose their level of dedication. Attached to these tiers come benefits that the streamer can set up. You can choose both the amount of each tier and the benefits that come with each. For example, you can set a $4.99 tier that can serve directly in place of a subscription button if you don’t have one. These viewers could get access to sub newsletters that you can send directly through GameWisp. Like Patreon, GameWisp earns money by taking a small percentage from each tier.GameWisp Tiers


If you are already a Twitch Partner, you can sync your Twitch account and allow your Twitch subscribers to access benefits you’ve set up for them, utilizing GameWisp’s easy-to-use interface and management system to keep track of your benefits at no additional cost. You can also sync your YouTube channel to deliver benefits such as private or early access videos.

GameWisp has worked with TwitchAlerts and StreamPro to provide integrated alerts that are easy to set up. Just like a normal sub button, the moment that you get a new sub, you can have it pop up on your stream. This replicates how Partnered streams have their Sub button set up and provides a great experience for the viewers supporting. It also serves as an opportunity to make your viewers aware of your GameWisp and how they can support you. If you don’t use TwitchAlerts or StreamPro, you can use their Classic Alert system to create your own notification. GameWisp also recently released their API, meaning more services will be providing integration in the future. GameWisp Alerts


One of GameWisp’s biggest advantages over Patreon is it’s dashboard interface and management system. The website makes it very easy to keep track of your subs. They have a 30 day Total Earnings chart that tracks when the next payments are due and when you gain/lose a subscriber. There’s a tab that is titled Fulfillment that reminds you to FULFILL the benefits of your Subs and makes it easy to mark off the ones you’ve completed. This takes the guess work out of who you’ve fulfilled and who you haven’t! There’s even a messaging service that allows you to message all your subscribers, specific tiers, or individuals. GameWisp Benefits


Thinking of and setting up benefits is pretty seamless. GameWisp has created a bunch of different pre-made benefits that you can select and tweak. Or you can simply create your own custom benefits. Do you have a private game server for your subscribers? You can create a benefit that will automatically distribute the server information and password when a user signs up for the appropriate tier. Want to create a monthly re-occurring benefit? You can set it up so your subscribers are asked for information or a benefit becomes unfulfilled every month so you can easily track your benefits each time. GameWisp Benefit Types

Overall, GameWisp is an excellent service that allows unpartnered streamers to create their own subscription button. Even after Partnership, I would continue to use GameWisp for the multiple tiers and the benefits that I can provide to my viewers with the tier system!


Happy Streaming!

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