July 30, 2017

Fortnite Implements Twitch Streaming Quests

Fortnite Twitch Integration

On July 25th, Epic Games debuted a brand new feature on their dev stream – Twitch Live Streaming Quests! After linking your Twitch account within Fortnite, you’ll unlock your first broadcaster quest. Viewers have a chance to unlock quests after linking their accounts simply by watching their favourite streamers complete their live streaming quests on stream!

Fortnite Twitch Integration

As a broadcaster, completing your quest unlocks a 4-hour window in which your viewers have a chance to receive a quest just by hanging out in chat. Quests will remain active for 36 hours before disappearing from your quest queue.

The Finer Details

Quests are limited to three at a time (1 Broadcaster, 1 Viewer, and 1 Subscriber Quest). Each unique quest also has a 24 hour period before it can show up again. Broadcasters will also be notified every time a viewer finishes a quest, allowing for even more interaction with your audience! As an added bonus, subscribers have a chance to unlock Sub-Quests which provide superior upgrades compared to the Viewer Quests.

We have seen Twitch integrations before with games (Party Hard, for example). This, however, is the first time where a game actively gives out quests for the viewers to complete as well. It’s not uncommon for people to play along in a game while watching a caster so this seems like a smart move on Epic Games’ part.

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