October 4, 2017

Elgato Stream Deck 1.4.0 Update – Profiles and Nested Folders

Elgato Stream Deck 1.4.0 Nested Folders

Elgato has yet again delivered a fantastic update to their Stream Deck product. Making our lives easier by bringing us the 1.4.0 update.


The first big change that Elgato has bought to us is the ability to create and use profiles. This is something that was requested by many users of the product from release and is certainly a pleasant surprise to see it being implemented.

With this update, you can easily switch between configurations for the stream deck in order to choose the best profile for the job! Elgato highlighted this by saying users are now able to:

  • Create dedicated profiles for different games you stream, different applications you use, and more.
  • Switch profiles on the fly with a tap of your Stream Deck or a click in the app.
  • Easily export and import profiles to share them with others and expand your collection.

Nested Folders

Nested folders is a feature that has been highly anticipated for a while, and has been heavily pushed by the community. Prior to this update, users were able to create 15 folders on a stream deck profile, now you are able to add ‘folders within folders’ which is truly limitless! This creates an endless amount of possibilities with this nifty little gadget.

Stream Deck Profiles and Nested Folders

Stream Deck Action Category

A small but convenient change that has been added in this update is the new category you will see at the bottom of your Stream Deck action list. Elgato stated that there is now a dedicated action section for creating new folders, which is more than welcome. You’ll find this new Stream Deck category at the bottom of the Action list.

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