D&D Beyond Launches

DnD Beyond Launch

Yesterday, Curse (a subsidiary of Twitch) launched their official digital fifth-edition D&D toolset, D&D Beyond. While a mobile app isn’t yet available (soon™), the site itself is fully mobile responsive. Logging in is as simple as connecting your Twitch account and yes, you need a Twitch account to log in.

What is it?

The site contains everything you’ll need for a standard fifth-edition campaign including game rules, lore, and adventures. There’s even a character creation tool! In addition to official D&D content, the site also offers homebrew solutions. You’ll find hundreds of homebrew spells, monsters, and more listed under their respective categories. The Curse team worked closely with the D&D team to ensure the content was as accurate and authentic as possible.

DnD Beyond

Is This Free?

All of the features and basic content such as rules are available for free, however, official content like the Player’s Handbook will be unlocked via a one-time purchase. Purchasing the content adds the digital format directly to the toolset for easy access during campaigns. An interesting feature is being able to purchase individual game elements or bundles from any official book. This means if you’re only interested in a particular class or a specific adventure, you only need to purchase content relevant to your tastes.

DnD Beyond Subclasses

Two subscription tiers are also available. Basic players can unlock the Hero Tier for $2.99 per month. This does things like removes ads from the site or allows for the addition of publicly shared homebrew content. Dungeon Masters can unlock the Master Tier for $5.99 per month. At the higher tier, all unlocked content is shareable with the players in your campaign. During the first week of launch, the Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, and Monster Manual are available for 33% off.

The site is visually appealing, easy to use, and seems to offer a lot of options whether you’re new to D&D or a seasoned veteran. D&D Beyond’s recent launch post mentions they have an extensive road map planned, including the introduction of new adventures, combat tracking, new classes, and more. We look forward to what new features and content come next.

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